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Here’s your introduction to me:

Overall,  I enjoy writing, always have. My love for writing has evolved throughout the past twenty-three years. Assumedly, it started with a general passion and enjoyment of sounds and then somehow grew to apply to the conceptual art of integrating ideas with concepts, arguments, and the like.

In the beginning, I loved stories – still do. At a young age, along with my sister, I would develop these so-called (solely by us and family) “magazines” to be passed around every holiday season while the old folks would scarf down gravy, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, and turkey. The magazines would include marvelous stories about our two puppies Elvis and Cookie, whom we deeply loved – and NEEDED everyone to know the depth of our love.

When I was about eight, I got my first typewriter and, from then on, I always had a desire to write and edit. (I still hear the over-joyed clanking to this day.) My sister tried her best to come up with a novella about a small group of spy girls. I took it upon myself to edit the story, reveling in the modification of her grammar mistakes.

Silly, six-year-old sister, eight-year-old Justin thought to himself, i before e except after c. And that period doesn’t go there.

My middle school years were revolutionized by the computer, sports books (of which I ashamedly do not remember the author’s name), Goosebumps, Captain Underpants, Wayside School, Harry Potter, county spelling bees, vocabulary quizzes, involved grammar lessons, as well as a creative outlet for writing short stories. My proudest moment was the development of the short story Bam and Pistol Pete.

The story (colors are legitimate, and I illustrated the book, too):

[Jim had a ferret named Bam and a beagle named Pistol Pete. They were so playful. One morning, Jim left for school and they decided to play hide and seek.

Bam had to count first. Pistol Pete went to hide in a cabinet. The cabinet was full of pots and pans. Bam finished counting.

Pistol Pete jumped out of the cabinet. There was a big bang, the pots and pans went everywhere. Pistol Pete got to base.

Bam had to count again. Pistol Pete hid the chair. Bam finished counting again. Pistol Pete stayed there for a second, but then he jumped on a table.

He knocked over a lamp. Bam chased Pistol Pete around the house.

They knocked over books, a fish bowl, a trash can, the grandfather clock, and vase with flowers in it. They kept running and running and running.

Finally, Jim showed up from school. He stood in amazement at all the mess that they made. There was stuff everywhere. Clothes on the floor, and even food from the refrigerator.

Jim put Bam and Pistol Pete in his room, and tried to clean everything up before his mom got home.]

Life lesson according to thirteen-year-old Justin: “Don’t leave your pets alone! If I were you, I would watch out for them!”

More years of reading and writing followed.

After learning of Shakespeare and his sonnets sophomore year, I decided to give poetry a try. And, because I enjoyed writing so much, I joined the high school newspaper staff my junior year. Senior year we won the 2011 THSPA Best Overall Newspaper, All-Tennessee Newspaper.

In college I gave up journalism after three semesters, frustrated by deadlines and human interaction on top of a drama group, homework, and play commitments. (Let’s face it, it was mainly the human interaction.)

I started blogging in 2009, and I ceased blogging in 2015.

Today I thought to myself, Why not begin writing again? 

So, here I am. Welcome to my blog.

Possible topics to be had: random poetry, possible devotions, and book reviews.

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