Best Picture: “Gentleman’s Agreement” of 1947



Rating: 6/10

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Best Picture: “Mrs. Miniver” of 1942

Because I watched this film back in late January/early February, the story has all but slipped my mind in detail. However, I will carry on in attaining my goal of watching all the Best Picture winners.


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Rating: 5/10

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“Mrs. Miniver” was a sweet film about societal standards and expectations in a time of war.

The fact that the film addresses familial and generational expectations really impressed me. I thought the reality of the characters was strong, and yet the deaths (acting) were very forced. The romance was incredibly obvious. And the looming spirit of oppression from tradition was littered throughout the film, making it a great antagonist. (I got slightly emotional, because of it, at one point.)

Overall, give this movie a chance, if you like surprise endings and stories along the lines of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Best Picture: “How Green Was My Valley” of 1941



Rating: 4/10

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“How Green Was My Valley” was touching and really family-oriented. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t necessarily life-changing.

The story follows a boy named Huw who becomes a young man throughout the film, and for the most part the chronology of the movie made logical sense. However, I found myself losing interest pretty quickly. And because I was losing interest every now and then, I may have missed a little bit of information here and there but not enough to effect my overall interpretation.

All the actors existed on the same plane. The accents were convincing enough, sometimes slipping into Scottish on the one side and then slipping into an Indian accent on the other side. But there was one actor who had a straight American accent most of the time, and that bothered me a little bit. He could have at least tried. . .

Once again, this was a film that was slightly too loud for its own good. But they got one thing right: the narration made me feel like it was story time.

I loved the heart behind the story arc, and I really felt for the kid and his family. If you like sweet, family dramas or if you like building a relationship with characters, then you should try this movie out at least once.