Disney Flashback: “Fantasia”

On January 15, 2018, we didn’t stop with “Pinocchio.” We set up the surround sound and put on “Fantasia” as well. It was like a concert in the living room.


Rating: 4/10


Initially, I was excited to listen to the concert, and I would love to go to a concert hall to watch this. However, it gets boring about halfway through because you cannot relate the individual storylines to one another. Moreover, you don’t relate to the characters because they’re not the characters you grow up to know as a child. I don’t remember watching this when I was a child, but I do remember the famous scene involving Mickey. So, that was the big winner for me.

Like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” I recognized a lot of elements from “Once Upon a Time,” which was exciting! If you enjoy classical music, I’d say watch “Fantasia” at least once.


Disney Flashback: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Since I’m enjoying taking a trip through all the Best Picture winners from the Oscars, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane with the Disney animated films as well. (I don’t really know how to review my childhood, but I’m sure it’ll come to me in time.)

On January 13, my friend Emilie and I sat down to watch Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” of 1937. (No one ever calls it by the full title!) I decided it’d be fun to drink a Fair Maiden, which is a Disney-themed drink inspired by Snow White, created by Cody. (But let’s face it; I’m not a mixer.) And we had a blast looking back on our childhood, remembering certain moments and questioning other moments now that we’re older.


Rating: 5/10


My initial response to the film was that everything was FREAKIN’ CUTE, from the spiders to the flies to the chipmunks and beyond. My immediate reaction to Snow White was that she actually looked to be fourteen-years-old, and, when I was a child, I had never thought she looked young. I always thought she looked like she was in her thirties or something like that.

I forgot that there was music in the movie, and it actually didn’t play too much of a role in the storyline, except that the prince and Snow’s song synced up, which was pretty sweet. Honestly, I kept having flashbacks to “Once Upon a Time” because I’m obsessed with that show. So, if there were questions about certain scenes in the movie, I could explain things away or over-empathize because OUAT has created intricate backstories for each and every Disney character. (Is that good or bad? We shall see.)

As an adult, I’m more suspicious of fairy tales. So, this (we’ll say) fourteen-year-old girl stumbles into a home, she cleans it up, decides to make dinner, and then falls asleep on someone else’s bed. . . While she’s still cooking! (Not to mention, she can talk to animals. And they do what she wants. She has an animal army!) She goes from breaking-and-entering to caring for seven tiny men. She teaches them cleanliness and starts bossing them around IN THEIR OWN HOUSE. But they love her for it, sure. Now, in such a society, what would people say to a young woman living with seven men? This is suspicious, people.

The story was fluffy, and the ending was abrupt. The witch just falls off a cliff?! And suddenly the prince arrives for a happily ever after. . .

Most relatable character? Grumpy. He lives with six other men, who also happen to work with him. He’s been at work all day, and all he wants to do is have dinner and then go to sleep. Some girl shows up in his home unannounced, acting like she owns the place. I mean, come on. He’s a realist. He’s right in his suspicions of this young Snow White.

The most accepted theme of the film: if you wish really hard, hope really hard for something, then it will come true. . . If you take a bite out of a “Wishing Apple,” then all your hopes and dreams will come true. What a load of hogwash!

The most important lesson one can take from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:” if someone comes along selling you some crap about quick-fixes and dreams coming true in one swift moment, then it’s more than likely a lie and a deception. Take a page out of the dwarfs’ book: work hard and be loyal. Dreams can come true if you take steps toward specific goals.


Zoom, Click, Fast-forward.

Goals for the upcoming season:

Fact: I was a strange kid; I still have quirks like the best of them.

When I say “strange,” I mean that my type of “play” was a little different compared to other boys.

On the playground, I lived in my imagination, conquering the monkey bars, owning the play castle, shooting energy balls at other Dragon Ball Z lovers like myself. At home, I played with toy cars and built Bionics, played with Lincoln Logs, and Pokemon cards, as well as Yugioh.

But for the most part, my imagination did not stop on the playground, and at home, I also played with other types of toys.

My step-dad said it best when he tried to send me to my room, after having sent my siblings to their respective rooms: “Justin, I would send you to your room, but I think you would enjoy it too much. I would send you outside, but you would probably find a string and be just as entertained.”

Punishment alluded me, because everything entertained me.

Amazing, the power of imagination.

Anyhow, I spent a lot of time at my elementary school desks making my pencils and erasers talk to each other. They had full-on dialogue between themselves. At home, my sister’s beanie babies – and my own stuffed animals –  held concerts or reenacted scenes from The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

All that to say, I was easily distracted because I was constantly aching to create. The same still applies today.

Writing evolved to editing, editing to photography, photography to acting, acting to singing, again singing to writing, writing to journaling, journaling back to camera work, and recording to editing.

Round and round it goes.

I long to create and refine. Do you have the same desire – or a hunger like it?

This hunger calls to me to continue to adventure, and so I will.

In the very near future, I will be developing a YouTube vlog. It will be, I think, my fifth attempt.

[These were the predecessors: first a banter blog with my college roommate, second a “singing” channel with a college friend, third a relatively successful challenge blog with friends, and fourth a trial at the beginning of this year to test and see if I still enjoy video-making. I do.]

The channel will catalog the new upcoming season of my life. And I am so excited, especially because I bought two new books to help me out!

Happy adventure! If you have the hunger like I do, try something new and exciting!