free verse

Sun shines through the spring leaves,

Landing on a damp slab of concrete.

The remnant of a cigarette butt

Falls to that same gray slab.


And the ash burns.

The smoke flies, blown by the wind

Of the self-focused passersby.


Meaningless, utterly meaningless

Is the life of fearful expectation –

A man who outrages the Spirit of grace.


free verse

A scrawling scribe

Sat at his dingy desk

Day-in, day-out.


And not enough nights

He took trips;

Snuck out, snuck in.


The thoughtful thespian

Stood on stinky stages;

Masks were worn and un-worn.


The forever family

Transformed terrifically;

People left; others came.


Those dreary days

Made life worth living;

I had the time of my life.


free verse

The strike left a scar on my heart,

One that could only be mended

By the very Creator I had so emotionally raged against.


The trip, for the purpose of the greater Good,

Replays in my mind sometimes like a fairytale,

But I learned that day the path would become very twisted.


The girl – later I would find her, transformed ever darker

By the years we had spent apart – was beautiful;

I thought she was Light.


The years did damage to me, too,

But the Creator would mend – as He does.

And He still does. And will ’til I see Him face to face.


free verse

She was a busy-body, and her sister sat at the foot of her lord.

He took one little fish; over and over again he made them more.

I was a little boy, couldn’t walk, but he made me get up and run.

He gave me a voice and a reason to sing, a dancing purpose.

There she was to say, “Leave him alone; he’s serving the Lord,”

On the day I had black under my eyes; boys will be boys.