free verse

Reflecting, pondering,

And I look back and see a farm,

Vegetation, growth, green life –



Brotherhood –

Camaraderie in the most unlikely

Of forms, but brothers



Change – immense edification.

Hanging on a cliff

And then pushed out of the nest –

It was a spring board

For what? Lord only knows.


Hopes dashed,

Dreams crushed,

But that’s all carnal.

The truth is: Someone is

Serving up something unforeseen.


And it’s greater

Than I dare to imagine!


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Shakespearian sonnet

“To sit in solemn silence…” Ha! To think:

Grasping bits of the past, forming the now,

Reconciling the gaps, mending the brink

Between what was, with whom, and the somehow!


Her voice was just as clear as cellophane.

She was a mistress of celibacy.

“Words, words, words,” and yet hers were not in vain.

Quick smile, she wrote, “My blessings go with thee.”


An inspiration, strongest impression –

Vocabulary met vernacular.

What, ho! By providence they bore a son!

Wisdom, she wrought, carried further than her.


Oh, Wisdom, one who pampers and protects,

Your shine outweighs the emptiness of sex.


free verse

She was a busy-body, and her sister sat at the foot of her lord.

He took one little fish; over and over again he made them more.

I was a little boy, couldn’t walk, but he made me get up and run.

He gave me a voice and a reason to sing, a dancing purpose.

There she was to say, “Leave him alone; he’s serving the Lord,”

On the day I had black under my eyes; boys will be boys.


an acrostic poem

Making much of very little

Can sometimes seem like fun,

But making sure to keep this simple

Without botching up complexity

Will ever be a puzzle.

What impression shall I make?

Sense matters; so do jots and tittles

When it’s time to fill out forms.

Explanations: multiplicational, divisional, subtractional, additional…

Words that cannot describe second grade,

Because it is so much more than all that evil.