free verse

Reflecting, pondering,

And I look back and see a farm,

Vegetation, growth, green life –



Brotherhood –

Camaraderie in the most unlikely

Of forms, but brothers



Change – immense edification.

Hanging on a cliff

And then pushed out of the nest –

It was a spring board

For what? Lord only knows.


Hopes dashed,

Dreams crushed,

But that’s all carnal.

The truth is: Someone is

Serving up something unforeseen.


And it’s greater

Than I dare to imagine!


Thanks for reading. If you want to catch a glimpse of my life, check out this new video of my twenty-forth birthday!


free verse

Sun shines through the spring leaves,

Landing on a damp slab of concrete.

The remnant of a cigarette butt

Falls to that same gray slab.


And the ash burns.

The smoke flies, blown by the wind

Of the self-focused passersby.


Meaningless, utterly meaningless

Is the life of fearful expectation –

A man who outrages the Spirit of grace.


Spenserian sonnet

Marriage – scrabble pieces brought together:

It’s formed by three simple words, “Ode to Joy.”

Love in vain by two birds of a feather?

Or do lenses of love invent beauty?


Credit taken where credit was duty –

They’re all like that, honestly, you notice.

Whispers: “Not gone. . .” A light too hard to see –

But (those you’ve known) now the calling is bliss.


A friendship – a swift breath inhaled like this –

Hold it in – nothing else matters – then out.

Hands touching hands – not something you dismiss.

If, uh, we had taken a diff’rent route. . .


Pizzicato, and then a single tone –

Let us run this race; trust the aim is known.


free verse

A scrawling scribe

Sat at his dingy desk

Day-in, day-out.


And not enough nights

He took trips;

Snuck out, snuck in.


The thoughtful thespian

Stood on stinky stages;

Masks were worn and un-worn.


The forever family

Transformed terrifically;

People left; others came.


Those dreary days

Made life worth living;

I had the time of my life.


Shakespearian sonnet

“To sit in solemn silence…” Ha! To think:

Grasping bits of the past, forming the now,

Reconciling the gaps, mending the brink

Between what was, with whom, and the somehow!


Her voice was just as clear as cellophane.

She was a mistress of celibacy.

“Words, words, words,” and yet hers were not in vain.

Quick smile, she wrote, “My blessings go with thee.”


An inspiration, strongest impression –

Vocabulary met vernacular.

What, ho! By providence they bore a son!

Wisdom, she wrought, carried further than her.


Oh, Wisdom, one who pampers and protects,

Your shine outweighs the emptiness of sex.