A New Chapter

This morning I said, “Bon voyage,” to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

From 2011 until today, this city has been a huge part of my life, from trips in college (trips to the walking bridge and ferry rides, celebrating birthdays, relaxing from shows and classes on the weekends, celebrating holidays) to moving there after graduation, to becoming a part of a very influential and scripture-focused church, to working at Starbucks, to being integrated into a bible study, and so forth…

Six years of my life has been dedicated to Chattanooga, but at this point, it’s time to move on. I’ve always wanted to move out of state. I’ve always wanted to venture forth in order to study production stage management.

So, looking back, I am grateful for the people who have blessed me in Chattanooga – and Dayton. I am grateful for both the mistakes made in this city and the redemption that God has provided for me despite my failures.

Looking forward, I am ever more grateful that God is allowing me to follow my dreams, which is not something many people can say. I am trusting fully that this is the direction God wants for me, seeing as how I didn’t fully pursue it and, in fact, I had given up on it.

This weekend, I will be moving to Ruston, LA, and I will be attending the graduate program at LATech to get my M. A. in Theatre. Whatever happens, I know I have God to fall back on.

And I’ll be posting YouTube videos so those who may be interested can keep up with me as I try to navigate graduate school.

[Here’s the latest vlog, too. It’s about my last day at my summer internship.]

In other news, I now sit at the Starbucks in Manchester, TN, wasting time before I head to my father’s house.

What am I doing here? Funny enough – I’m starting a new blog.

Here’s an excerpt from the “About” page:


If you enjoy fantasy, check it out. (Yeah, I get it, I’m a geek.)



free verse

Reflecting, pondering,

And I look back and see a farm,

Vegetation, growth, green life –



Brotherhood –

Camaraderie in the most unlikely

Of forms, but brothers



Change – immense edification.

Hanging on a cliff

And then pushed out of the nest –

It was a spring board

For what? Lord only knows.


Hopes dashed,

Dreams crushed,

But that’s all carnal.

The truth is: Someone is

Serving up something unforeseen.


And it’s greater

Than I dare to imagine!


Thanks for reading. If you want to catch a glimpse of my life, check out this new video of my twenty-forth birthday!